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Sunday, November 13, 2005

2006 Brownings and Alpines

I hope bowhunting went well for everyone! I didn't have much time to get out this year...only five evenings. Pretty pathetic considering I was out seventeen times last year. Five evenings isn't much, but I did take a small buck the evening before gun season started. It was the first thing that gave me shot this fall and I took it. Not too long after that a 4x hung out under my tree for about 20 minutes. I drew on him twice to see if I could. I guess that is how it goes, but anything taken with a string and stick is worth being proud of in my book. Plus he will put some venison in my freezer.

The 2006 Alpines and 2006 Brownings are now in stock. Other manufactures will follow in the coming months.

Also, soon we will be moving to a new server and adding a payment option other than PayPal. A lot of people have been requesting this, and we are going to go ahead with an independant credit card processing company using as a payment gateway.

Thanks for a great fall!


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