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Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring Update

Hi everyone!

Wow, winter is finally over and it is nice to be outside without a jacket. Time to get some outdoor shooting in!

Some items you may want to be aware include are the Alpen Apex 8.5x50 binoculars. They are fantastic binocs, in fact I bought a pair for myself. I think you would have to spend over $1k to get into a better set, and I'm not sure I could tell the difference then. Plus they are legal for ASA and IBO. If they are more than you want to spend, check out the Alpen Shasta's or even the Pro's which are a decent binoc at a great price.

Have you seen the Carbon Express Maxima Hunters ? I think they are the nicest carbons I've ever seen. Other manufactures are sure to follow. CX combined black Crossweave on the rear 1/3rd of the shaft with BuffTuff™ Timber Illuzion™ Camo that covers the first 2/3rd's of the shaft. I hate to see wraps used with them because they look great as they are.

I hope you are all out enjoying Turkey Season!


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