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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Clothing Clothing Clothing!

While we had been overlooking the sale of hunting clothing, that is no longer the case. We are proud to add Arctic Shield as a clothing manufacturer we now carry. Arctic Shield has warm weather gear and X-Scent scent elimination.

Another manufacturer is Natural Gear. Natural Gear's camo has vertical patterns without shadows, as NatGear says shadows occur naturally and do not need to be added into the camo. Their website has more information.

Mossy Oak clothing we now carry in larger quantities.

In other news, Gold Tip has aquired Vanetec. Thus we will be adding Vanetec to our lineup in the near future. Also Gold Tip has been having trouble meeting the demand for their Pro series shafts. The demand was much higher than was anticipated, according to Gold Tip. We are still getting them in, but some shafts go on backorder as others come in. The .003" and .006" shafts have not seen the wait time that some of the .001" pro shafts have.


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