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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mid October

We are getting into the heart of bowhunting season, even though I have not been out yet. Jerry had the opportunity to bowhunt elk in Colorado. It is his annual trip and although the elk did not co-operate, he had a good time even though they were snowed in for an extra couple of days.

I'd like to press the point that it is not too late to order, as we deliver most orders in 1 to 2 days via UPS Ground. Those living in the west would have to add a day or two. We have a complete line of scents including Code Blue, Kishel's, Jackie's and more. Another neat product we added is the Retract-A-Drag by H.S. Archery. It is just what I needed and now one is in my pack. It is a drag that winds up the rag or head right into the unit, so there is no mess or smell stinking up your pack. If you want to change scents, it comes with several replacement heads. Then just wash them up to reuse.

We also now have a full line of game calls. We currently have 95 deer calls, hundreds of turkey calls, also elk and predator calls.

My Chinese fortune cookie gave some good advice the last time I was at my favorite restaurant...

To always hit the target, call whatever you hit "the target".


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