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Monday, October 30, 2006

Youth and Kids

Last evening I took my five year old son out with my Double Bull Matrix 360 hunting blind. We got out about an hour before dark, really cutting it close. But with a five year old, sometimes that isn't enough. I'm sorry to say he was bored to tears. It wasn't that we were not seeing deer. He counted 8 that he seen and I had seen about 16. None were in bow range, however and that was what really hurt his interest. That and the fact that he had to sit fairly quietly for an hour. He didn't have to sit still, though. The inside of the the Matrix is all black. If you open two sides to shoot through and leave a solid black wall behind you, you are pretty much invisible inside. We were ready, as I had my Rocket Steelheads ready to go. You can shoot mechanicals through the mesh, just not the mechanical heads that have an L-shaped blade to pull them open, such as my previously favorite head, the NAP Shockwave. Shoot Straight!


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