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Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 2 at the ATA

Here's a little video of one small bit of the ATA. We spent all day walking and talking, and we still have about a quarter of the show we haven't seen yet.

Here is Jerry checking out the new Trophy Ridge shafts. We will be carrying them as soon as they start coming in. They are a very small diameter shaft with a very heavy insert which protects the end of the shaft.

Barnett is debuting their new for 2008 Predator crossbow. This is going to be a very popular crossbow. Parallel limb design makes this the quietest Barnett ever.

and here is the popular Quad AVI.

I met with Vince from Alpine Archery. We will begin carrying Alpine's target bows as well this year.

We also met with Excalibur, who is celebrating being in the business for 25 years.
And lastly we went to the Great ATA Giveaway, where #21613 won a $5000 hunt while I held #21612! Over 3,000 people were in attendance where $250,000 of prizes were given away, where winners had 5 minutes to claim their prize or it was put back into the drawing.


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