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Friday, May 16, 2008

Rolling into Summer

Bowhunting season is only about three months away for us North Dakotan's. It is a pretty long season from the end of August through the second week of January. But there is no shortage of deer, even though more are taken each year by bowhunters.

So as we come closer to another season, there are a few items I would like to point out to everyone. The Roscoby Riser Cam is now in stock. This camera shoots to an SD card and screws into your bow instead of a stabilizer. Actually, it also acts like a stabilizer as they needed to dampen vibrations as much as possible for the sake of better video. They are in stock in low quantities. Get one while they are available!

Probably not for the average bowhunter, but if you are investing a lot of money into a hunt, you want your equipment to be top notch. The Carbon Express Aramid-KV is probably the toughest arrow out there. Built with Kevlar, they are as closer to being indestructible than any arrow before it. Spine and consistency are very good, keeping with the Carbon Express reputation.

The last product I want to mention is the Tru Fire Switch Blade broadhead. It is a rear deploying expandable. The tip pushes back and the blades sweep out. To reset the head, just pull the tip back out. It is an ingenious design that I think will catch on.

If you see a note above a product that says "Call for Special Pricing", do just that if you are interested. You may save yourself quite a bit of money.

Now, what do we do up here in ND in the winter? Well, here is a little video of my nine year old son watching his seven year old brother...


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