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Monday, September 01, 2008

Filled my Tag!

Bow Season opened up this last weekend here in North Dakota at noon on Friday, August 29th. Never before had I bowhunted as early as this, as it usually takes the crisp air and turning leaves to get me excited about it. However, we had some nice whitetail bucks on our gamecams so I was excited to get into the stand as the time neared. One of the nicer bucks I caught on video with the Moultrie GameSpy D-40. With a 1Gb SD card, there 297 images and videos and the card was full. About half were videos, as that cam takes a video for each picture taken unless it is too dark because a video cannot be taken with flash. After I took this buck, I went back through all the videos and found him.

Saturday morning I had the south wind I needed, so I snuck into a stand near where this gamecam had been. A yearling doe can in and was eating acorns. Soon another yearling doe came in and a family of racoons. The does chased off the racoons. Then four bucks came storming in, all in velvet. I recognized them from the gamecam videos. The large 5x5 was not among them, but I was not about to do what I did last year. I got too picky and ended up going without. Besides, the second nicest one was among them.

All six deer were within 20 yards of me, but to my right. I was sitting so I had no way to get drawn on them. A quick prayer seemed to help as they ran off another 15 yards giving me the chance to slowly stand up and turn. Back in they came, I came to a full draw hoping he would give me the shot before I had to let down. He did just that, turning at less than 15 yards. I settled the 20 yard pin a bit low and shot. As he spun I could see fletching on one side of him, and the broadhead sticking out the other side.

He only made it about 100 yards, but it took over an hour to find. I called for help, and we ended up tracking him yard by yard, using field point tipped arrows stuck into the ground where we found blood. Leapfrogging arrows gave us the ability to look back to determine the direction of travel. At one point, he started a sharp turn where we found him just a few yards from where I had initially looked on a sweep.

Equipment I used was a Martin Bengal set at 60#, 28" draw. 1/4" G5 Meta Peep, Gold Tip Pro Hunters with a 100gr Rocket Steelhead broadhead, Vanetec vanes, Vital Bow Drop rest, HHA sight, Alpine Soft-Loc Quiver, TRU Ball Copperhead release, Gorilla King Kong stand, Muck boots, Scent-Blocker 3D jacket and pants (which I am not wearing in the pic because it was too hot by then). Scent Killer spray, Alpen 8.5x50 binocs, and a Bushnell Pro Sport rangefinder rounds out the list for this hunt, all of which is available in our store.


Blogger Adam Forsythe said...

Awesome Buck Scott!!! Congrats!

12:01 AM  

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