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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Some of you may have noticed a note on our homepage leading up to and during Hurricane Ike stating that although our phone service was down, business operations continued.

Here is what happened... many of you talk to Laura or Tammy when you call in. Laura lives in Houston, and had to evacuate Friday before Ike came ashore. She evacuated to Madisonville, TX, where Jerry and Nancy live, and where our main office is located.

In the aftermath of Ike, Madisonville also lost power. They were without power until a generator was purchased and installed a couple of days later. Even then obtaining gas for it was no small matter, as all the local gas stations were without power. With only one working computer, and no phone lines in Texas, I helped take up the slack in order processing and customer service via email from my home in North Dakota. Our main server, though located in Houston, was safely running and unaffected in a datacenter. Limited phone support was taking place by Monday.

About on Wednesday, Madisonville's power was restored. This brought Tammy back online, and our phone operations were back to normal.

Laura's home in Houston is still without power as I write this. They are in the process of moving the generator to her home so they can move back in and get the kids back into their own school.

So we made it through. Thank you to our customers for your patience. I do not believe any orders were delayed because of the hurricane, but it was more difficult to contact us via telephone.

As a result of the hurricane, we have made one change. We now have an online RMA Request page, where you can enter the details of your return or exchange and submit it to us. It makes it easier for us as we will have all the details we need in one form, and it should be a lot quicker for you the customer.


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