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Thursday, November 05, 2009


Last evening I filled my bow tag.  I decided to move out of our normal bowhunting land back to my Dad's farm, where he had seen a few nice bucks hanging out as gun season was only two days away.  At about 5:30 a decent 4x4 came walking down the edge of the trees and worked a scrape.  I took a couple of pics of him working the scrape.

A couple of hours before I had practiced out to 60 yards and was shooting pretty decently.  I like to practice at distances greater than what I would shoot at, so when called to make a shot at half that distance in the field, it seems like an easy task.

He started across the field towards my direction but not real close. I almost blew it taking these pics, and was desperately trying to put down the camera and move my bow into position.  Ranging a couple yards in front of his path with the Bushnell Sport yielded a distance of 30 yards.  I hooked up my Truball Copperhead, putting the Hogg-It 30 yard pin on his chest, I made a grunt noise with my mouth stopping him long enough to send the Magnus Buzzcut tipped Beman MFX on its way.   What looked like a good hit had him run back into the trees, but he didn't look quite as chipper has he had when he came out.  Gapping his mouth was an indication that he wasn't getting enough air into his lungs, meaning it looked like a good hit.  I gave him two hours before going in.  He ended up only about 100 yards from the shot.


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